Translation for offshore wind power generation by SunFlare Co., Ltd.

Translation experience in infrastructure industries applied to offshore wind power generation projects

SunFlare has provided translation services in many different industries.
We have a long history and a wealth of translation experience, especially in infrastructure industries.
We have recently launched a special team whose mission is to contribute to offshore wind power generation, which is attracting attention all over the world, and decarbonization.
As one of the players taking part in offshore wind power generation projects, SunFlare will continue to support the foundations of social life and industry through the power of language, leveraging our experience as a translation company.

Infrastructure fields:
over 2,000 per year

Offshore wind power generation: over 70 per year

We offer translation of documents for any process.

Documents that involve different types of expertise are generated at different stages of an offshore wind power generation project.
We provide comprehensive linguistic support for seamless operation of offshore wind power generation projects, which have grown in scale and gone international.

Plan Business plan Plan for public tender for occupancy, Tender documents Contract
Feasibility study (FS)
(Investigation of business environment, and wind/marine conditions, environmental impact assessment, etc.)
Investigation of legislation, Reports
Front end engineering design (FEED) Equipment list, P&ID, Layout plan, CAD drawings, Work schedule, Bill of quantity
EPC Detailed design (DD)
Procurement Transport plan, Construction plan, Construction procedure, Inspection procedure, Status report, Quality/safety and health control manual
Construction (Harbor work, transport, wind turbine installation, power line/cable laying, electrical work, etc.)
O&M Test operation Work procedure, Audit report, Test report, Delivery certificate, Operation manual

Client case study Client case study


FIDIC contract clauses

English-Japanese translation to reference FIDIC when considering FIDIC contracts

- Client
Major construction company
- Challenges
Request for appropriate translation of technical terms. As quick as possible.
- Response and achievement
Making use of our knowledge and information obtained from working on FIDIC contracts, we translated the documents using appropriate words and expressions. By using our terminology database, we delivered the results faster than usual.


Operation/maintenance manual for wind power generation

English-Japanese translation to use an overseas manufacturer's manual in Japan

- Client
Company in the renewable energy business
- Challenges
Translate content unique to wind power generation. For diagrams and handwritten characters, express their accurate meanings and reproduce their original styles.
- Response and achievement
We gathered reference information, and then provided translators with the information in advance to improve the translation quality and efficiency. We meticulously adjusted diagrams in every detail and translated some handwritten materials in the same way so that the client would be able to read them smoothly.


Documents related to the public tender for occupancy of an offshore wind power generation facility

English-Japanese translation to submit documents prepared by an overseas head office for domestic projects

- Client
Foreign-affiliated electric power company
- Challenges
Translate 900-page documents covering a wide variety of topics such as construction work, contracts, and insurance policies within a week.
- Response and achievement
In order to carry out this translation quickly, we held discussions with the client in advance to iron out the details, such as quantity, required expertise, and schedule. We came to an agreement with the client about the scope and quality level of the translation and then we secured resources for each field so that we would be able to meet the requirements. In addition, we prepared instructions and glossaries. Thus, we were able to translate all the documents on offshore wind power generation within the time limit.


Press release on a project

Japanese-English translation for a company to publish information on its activities and new products

- Client
Major construction company
- Challenges
The translation must use the same terms that the company uses. The English text must be easy to read while covering all the technical terms.
- Response and achievement
We asked the client to provide us with past similar documents in advance in order to use the same terms as those used in other translated documents. Translators with expertise in translating sales promotion documents carried out the work to produce easy-to-read expressions. Meanwhile, technical content was checked by other staff members with the necessary expertise.


Guidelines and regulation documents related to offshore construction such as plans, material transport, and equipment installation

English-Japanese translation for construction supervisors and other managers at domestic construction sites to check related documents

- Client
Development consulting company
- Challenges
There are many technical terms. Be sure to understand the contents of the documents before translating them. Large quantity (over 300 pages) with a short deadline. As the client needs to check the contents before releasing them, the schedule needed to be planned to accommodate the client.
- Response and achievement
Translators having expertise in these fields were selected, and they fully understood the original documents before translating them. For speed's sake, we proposed delivering the translation in parts so that the client would be able to check it as we continue working on the rest. Thus, we were able to meet the client's requirements about the schedule.

VOICE Client feedback

  • Guaranteed expertise

    Technical terms and expressions were translated correctly and we have received no complaints from our clients. We are satisfied with the delivered translation.

  • Meeting short delivery times

    Although we were in a hurry, SunFlare's quick response was a relief. We always call SunFlare first every time a translation is needed.

  • Flexible response

    With their rich experience and knowledge about documents, SunFlare proposed appropriate translation and efficient processes to us, which helped us perform our tasks more smoothly.

STRENGTHS Strengths of SunFlare

  • A wealth of translation
    experience: over 70 documents
    related to offshore wind power
    generation per year

    It is our experience that enables us to efficiently produce appropriate translations based on the nature of documents and their purposes. Making use of our accumulated knowledge and experience, we support smooth operation of projects from the aspect of language.

    Examples of achievements: tender documents / contracts / case study documents / work schedules / drawings and specifications / safety and health control manuals / procedure manuals / maintenance and operation manuals, etc.

  • Quality management
    system with a special team

    Having acquired the international certificate for Translation Services (ISO 17100), we have established an operational system that meets the requirements for guaranteeing the quality of translations. In addition to forming dedicated translation teams with professional expertise in a variety of specialist fields centered around progress managers to keep track of and improve translation quality, we also assign information security managers and translator managers to secure an appropriate and flexible business operation system.

  • Robust
    security system

    Conforming to the ISO 27001 specifications, we have established ISMS rules and regulations, including an information security manual. We continuously implement improvement measures by conducting periodic internal audits and management reviews within the security management system.

    We have also established an accountability system and procedures to ensure that we respond quickly, effectively, and systematically in the event of an information security incident.

  • Number of registered
    translators: over 6,000

    We select appropriate experts according to the nature of each document from among our registered translators with proven knowledge and experience. Your documents will be translated by experts who possess not only a high ability to interpret the source text and express it in the target language but also expertise in each field of specialty such as legal affairs, architecture, and civil engineering.

    These translators passed our qualifying examination that covers multiple factors such as language, expertise, and translation skills before being registered. We also offer training to our translators as needed afterward.


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Q&A Frequently asked questions

Can I ask for translation without the original text?
Even if you do not have the text at hand or your data is tentative due to the project being at an early stage, we can offer rough estimates or proposals.
Do you take jobs with a very short lead-time?
We will offer a proposal flexibly according to your desired delivery time. Please contact us if your project requires a short delivery time.
Can I request translation of different types of documents such as contracts or specifications?
We select the most suited translator from among our 6,000 registered translators for each translation project based on the type of document to cover a variety of different fields.
Do you handle languages other than English?
Over 90 languages are available aside from English, Chinese, and Korean.
What can you tell me about the cost and lead time of translations?
We estimate cost based on the content and quantity of documents. We offer proposals flexibly according to your requests. We will present estimates if you provide us with the files and instructions you would like followed. Please feel free to contact us.
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